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Blasts From My Closet

Project Notes by Terry Gee


Morris the mouse by Janice Cyr. I started with Janice Cyr’s Morris the Mouse pattern which I thought was so cute.  I made a few modifications to the pattern to fit my needs and to achieve the desired look I was going for. i.e. Valentine’s Mouse.

I used a chenille stem for the tail. I cut one in half and wrapped the yarn around it then bent it into a curly Q. 
I also added the pink inside the ears and on the foot pads by repeating the pattern and stopping when it seemed a good fit inside the ear and foot.
I added the whiskers by knotting a piece of yarn and pushing it through a stitch near the top of the nose. I then unraveled the yarn and snipped at it with scissors to thin it out a bit. 
To dress up my mouse I used a bit of scrap yarn to make a headband and bow, 2 pearl beads for earrings, a pink chain and a shambala heart bead for a necklace. I sewed a jeweled key pendant I bought at AC Moore to the hands. 

I covered my Styrofoam wreath in Heartfelt Moments wired ribbon, 1/2 in wide. To secure the ribbon covering to the wreath I used straight pins and foam glue. 
To add “The key to my heart” phrase to my Styrofoam heart, I wrote the words on a ribbon with glitter glue and then pinned it to the heart after they dried. I wrote on a ribbon instead of the heart itself because I didn’t want to mess up the heart with a mistake. If you’re confident go ahead and write on the heart! I then pinned the ribbon with the words onto my heart and voila done!

Yarn and Hook

Caron Simply Soft Party –Silver Spangle

Hook size -  F

The patterns on my site are linked to the original pattern wherever possible so that you can make them yourself. If you prefer to have me make one for you, I'd be happy to do that. If you want to customize the color or yarn used, drop me an email. Thank you for visiting

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